Priméal Sugarcane Molasses 450g


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Organic sugarcane molasses is an excellent source of minerals. Sugarcane molasses is also called the black miracle due to its valuable ingredients. It has a strong, aromatic taste of its own. The syrup tastes slightly bitter with a hint of licorice. Molasses is produced as a high-quality by-product in the production of sugar and place in naturopathy use for centuries. It is unrefined and is bottled with no additives. Excellent with hearty dishes such as gingerbread, wholemeal pastry or rich sauces and marinades, especially tasty in cereal, yogurt or cottage cheese, dissolved in hot milk or with applesauce and cinnamon

Nutritional information per 100g:
Energy: 300 kcal / 1273 kJ
Protein: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 74.7 g
– of which sugars: 55.0 g
Fat: 0 g
– of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g

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Priméal Sugarcane Molasses

Priméal Sugarcane Molasses 450g


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