Rapunzel mung beans 500g organic


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From organic farming. Suitable for sprouting or cooking.
100g contains energy 1194 KJ / 285 kcal protein 23.8 g carbohydrates 43.6 g fat 1.3 g

Sprouted seeds, sprouts and sprouts contain all the nutrients that a living organism needs, in an easily absorbed form and without any preservatives. The growing sprouts are pleasing to the eye with their lively appearance, they symbolize vitality and even in the middle of winter add faith in the spring that will come someday. On top of all that, the sprouts are also quite tasty, and most first-timers become convinced sprout eaters.

Eating the sprouts of various plants makes it possible to ensure the necessary substances for the body regardless of the season. Sprouts are a natural concentrate of vitamins, ferments, minerals and easily absorbed proteins and carbohydrates. The sprouted grain stimulates the body's self-cleansing and regeneration capacity, which has already been proven.

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Rapunzel mung beans 500g organic


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