Cha Dô White Tea Bai Mu Dan 20x2g


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Fair Trade white tea from organic agriculture.

Bai Mu Dan (Chinese: 白牡丹; literally: “white peony”) is a type of white tea made from plucks each with one leaf shoot and two immediate young leaves. Bai Mu Dan is favoured by white tea drinkers for its full flavor and great potency. The typical taste of Bai Mu Dan is a result of both the processing and the tea plant cultivars employed in the production.

The tea is best brewed with good mineral water and at 70 °C to 80 °C and should steep very shortly – for only 1-2 minutes.

The brew is a very pale green or golden color. The flavor is fruity and floral. The brew is a shimmering clear infusion with a delicate lingering fragrance and a fresh, mellow, sweet taste devoid of astringency, and grassy flavors.

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Cha Dô White Tea Bai Mu Dan

Cha Dô White Tea Bai Mu Dan 20x2g


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