Tervix Marigold Skin Balm 20g

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100% natural skin balm handmade in Estonia.

Tervix Marigold Balm does not contain any artificial preservatives. It is mostly made of marigold and olive oil, enriched with beeswax and tinctures. Marigold extract is deeply moisturising and calming, it is suitable for sensitive and dry skin for everyday use. Marigold Balm is also suitable for babies to protect and nourish their sensitive skin. Due to marigold’s antiflammatory properties, this balm can also be used to alleviate irritated skin.

Ingredients: marigold oil, olive oil, beeswax, marigold tincture, propolis tincture.

Keep on room temperature, keep in a cool place once opened.

Unit price: 210.00 EUR/kg

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Tervix Marigold Skin Balm 20g