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Pork gelatine from organic farming. 6 sheets for 500 ml.

Ingredients: Organic pork gelatine.

The gelatine is made from pure pork rind of pork from certified organic farms. The pork rinds are collected from organic farms and organic butchers throughout Germany and several neighboring countries and then are centrally processed into glenatin within a special certified production.

Instructions for gelatine use:
Soak the number of sheets in cold water for 5 minutes and gently squeeze out.
Stir the squeezed out gelatine directly into mixtures for hot dishes; the gelatine dissolves immediately.
For cold dishes (and also for cream), dissolve the squeezed out gelatine in a little hot water, then slowly stir the cold mixture into the gelatine – not the other way around!
Leave to stand in the refrigerator for at least 4-6 hours.

Warning! Never let the gelatine boil!
It does not work with fresh pineapples, papaya and kiwi fruit.

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Sobo Pork Gelatine Sheets

Sobo Gelatine Sheets 10g


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