Savon Du Midi Shea Butter Soap with Honey 100g


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Mild, nourishing soap with organic shea butter. The soap is manufactured in Provence, France, and is made only with organically certifed essential oils.

After saponification and in the final stage of the process, organic shea butter, as well as honey, essential oils or perfume are added, depending on the type of soap being produced. Its unique quality is created by the fine blending of these oils. None of the soaps contain animal fat.

These soaps are made in small factories with the knowledge handed down from generation to generation, maintaining the tradition of soap production in Marseille. This craft is reflected in the quality of this mild and moisturising soap.

Ingredients (INCI): Sodium palmate, sodium cocoate, aqua, sodium olivate, glycerin, parfum, butyrosperum parkii, mel, sodium chloride, rosmarinus officinalis, glycine soja, CI 77492+77491+77499

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Savon Du Midi Shea Butter Soap with Honey 100g


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