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Supports the cardiovascular system

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urmeric is a tropical mountain plant and belongs to the ginger family. It is native to India and Southeast Asia. Turmeric naturally contains the secondary plant compound curcumin, which gives the plant the yellow-orange colour.

Turmeric lowers high cholesterol and blood pressure values and can thus prevent cardiovascular disease. It has been noted to contribute to reducing the side effects of cancer treatment.

Recommended Dosage: Take 10 tablets daily with liquid.

Ingredients per 10 tablets:
Curcumin (Curcuma): 108 mg
Piperine (from pepper): 4.4 mg

Ingredients: 76% * Curcuma powder, Jerusalem artichoke powder *, rice concentrate *, corn syrup powder *, 2% pepper *, separating agent: silicon dioxide, carnauba wax. (* Certified organic)

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RAAB Turmeric Tablets 300pcs


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