Pural Pitted Dates 250g


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100% organic dates are a healthy alternative for your sweet cravings.

Dates are the edible fruits of the date palm (Phoenix dactylifera, L.).  Date is a fleshy fruit, 4 to 6 cm long, containing a “core” lying, marked with a longitudinal groove. This is a very energy-rich fruit. The fresh date when is a fragile and delicate fruit. This is partly why it is dried (70% water content of the fresh date is decreased to 20%).

Its energy value is 287 kcal per 100 grams. It is very rich in sugars (glucose, fructose and sucrose). It also contains vitamins (B2, B3, B5 and B6), a small amount of vitamin C as well as potassium and calcium. It is also rich in chromium which helps to decrease sugar cravings and fiber.

May contain traces of peanuts and other nuts. May contain small pieces of date pits.

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Pural Pitted Dates 250g

Pural Pitted Dates 250g


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