Priméal Maple Syrup Grade C 250ml


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Organic and natural maple syrup is a unique product. Gradually, as the season progresses, the fructose and glucose in maple water increases, while its sucrose content decreases slightly. The content of other natural compounds found in maple water (amino acids, minerals) also changes during the season. These changes in the composition of the sap cause a change in the colour and taste of maple syrup.

Early in the season the syrup is usually clear and has a slightly sweeter taste (Extra-clear grade syrup, Light or Medium – AA, A or B). As the season progresses, it becomes increasingly dark and caramelized (Dark Amber Syrup – Grade C or D). That’s when oligo-elements are present and pass into the syrup. Its flavor is stronger and more pronounced.

Grade C syrup is collected at the end of harvest. It is more concentrated in minerals and has a delicate flavor.  It is rich in three essential elements such as calcium, iron and vitamin B1. In addition, it contains magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins including vitamin B2.

Ingredients: 100% maple sap* from Quebec . * – organic agriculture

Nutritional analysis per 100 g: Calories 250 kcal; iron 2-3 mg; zinc 8 mg; potasium 100 to 350 mg; manganese 8-20 mg; phosphorus 13 to 15 mg; copper 0.2 mg; chlorine 10 mg; calcium 200 mg; magnesium 32 mg; riboflavine 5 mg; niacine 25 mg; Protein 0.20% – 0.50%; carbohydrates 65.46% ; moisture content 34.54%

Store in a cool dry place. Keep refrigerated after opening.

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Priméal Maple Syrup Grade C 250ml

Priméal Maple Syrup Grade C 250ml


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