Ökonorm Turquoise Finger Paint 150ml


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These natural finger paints are creamy, non-drip, have a high opacity and brilliancy. Natural, bright paint colours made from renewable raw materials.

They contain natural food colouring and are ideal for all techniques especially popular with children: painting, dabbing, stencilling, stamping, scraping, cork and leaf printing and much more. The water-soluble, dilutable paints can be mixed with each other and are suitable for painting on paper, glass, wood and many other surfaces, with fingers or with a paintbrush. These tried and tested natural paints for children, artists and crafters promote the inborn creativity of children and encourage them to experiment. Once dry, it is possible to rub the paints off surfaces; they can also be rubbed or brushed off fabrics. The finger paints are water-soluble and washable.

The finger paints contain natural foods and food additives such as food colouring, natural colour pigments, purified chalk. Preserving agent: Phenoxyethanol. Bittering agent: Denatonium benzoate.

Suitable for home use and use in kindergartens, schools and in treatment settings.
WARNING: Children under the age of 3 should be supervised by adults.

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Ökonorm Turquoise Finger Paint

Ökonorm Turquoise Finger Paint 150ml