Ökonorm 9+1 Set of Magic Pens


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9 colours + 1 colour changing pen. 6 mm pens, non-toxic colours.

The Magic Pens come in bright colours, the barrels show the colour of the ink, and can be used on many different surfaces, such as paper, cardboard, wood etc. Going over the lines or areas drawn or filled with the magic pens with the white coloured changing pen change the colours – as if by magic – to the colour shown on the cap of the pens. The colour changing pen can also be used like invisible ink; anything written or drawn with it becomes visible only if it is painted over with a magic pen.

The ink is water-based and completely non-toxic. It is very low odour, formaldehyde free, and does not contain any substances of toxicological concern (pH around 6). The levels are far below those defined as acceptable in EURO NORM EN 71, Part 9.

The drying out rate of these pens lies by around 5% a month. They can be revived by applying 2 drops of lemon juice or vinegar to the felt; open end cap at the top of the pen.

The special construction of the felt tip ensures that it cannot be pushed down into the barrel even if heavy pressure is applied.

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Ökonorm 9+1 Set of Magic Pens

Ökonorm 9+1 Set of Magic Pens


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