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Natural gelling agent made with a mixture of seaweed, without animal products.

Agar-agar or Kanten is made on the basis of a mix of seaweed. It is used in Japan as a natural gelling agent and allows to avoid the use of gelatine obtained on the basis of animal products. It has various advantages: it is rich in calcium, but not in calories, it can be diluted very easily and it has an absolutely neutral taste.

Usage: It is suitable for all dishes, both spicy and sweet, the preparation of which requires a gelling agent : jellies, jam, desserts, aspics… The gelling capacity depends on the acidity: acid preparations will need a bit more Agar-Agar. Do not combine it with chocolate or kiwi, as they will neutralise its gelling effect.

Use: for jam: 4 g Agar-Agar in powder for 1 kg of cleaned fruit or 1 l of fruit juice. Bring the fruit and the Agar-Agar to the boil, then add the sweetener of your choice. Let it boil until it reaches the desired consistency.

Ingredients: Agar-Agar (organically grown).

Nutritional information per sachet (2g):
Energy: 15 kJ / 4 kcal
Fats: 0.00 g
– of which satures: 0.00 g
Carbohydrates: 0.08 g
– of which sugars: 0.00 g
Fibre: 1.67 g
Protein: 0.02 g
Salt: 0.00 g

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lima agar agar

Lima Agar Agar 6x2 g


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