Léa Nature Ground Cumin (Jeera) 30g


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Organic cumin seeds, also known as jeera, have been one of the very few indispensable spices used in the kitchen. It gives a strong flavour and aroma.

From organic farming.

Store in a cool and dry place.

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How is Jeera Water Made?

Making jeera water is very simple. For regular use, you may add a teaspoon of jeera to 4 litres of boiled water. In case a person has intestinal problems, you can add a teaspoon of jeera to one litre of water. After straining the seeds, you can drink the water. Adding a small teaspoon of lime juice can help even better.

Benefits of Jeera Water:

1. Aiding in Digestion:Drinking a glass of jeera water everyday helps to stimulate secretion of enzymes that can break glucose carbohydrates and fat. This helps to speedup the digestion process. The body metabolism is also enhanced, by which several disorders like diarrhoea, nausea, morning sickness, etc can be reduced.

2. Better Immune System: Iron is an essential nutrient for maintaining the function of the immune system. Jeera is a good source of iron. It also contains vitamins A and C which are good antioxidants. Hence, regular consumption of jeera water can help boost immunity and chances of acquiring diseases are also reduced.

3. Treating Anaemia: From afore mentioned benefit, it is already known that jeera contains iron. Anaemia is a disease that occurs due to less iron content in the body which helps in forming haemoglobins that carry oxygen to the bloodstream. Drinking jeera water can increase the iron content in the body, thereby treating anaemia.

4. Benefits to Pregnant and Lactating Women: Jeera water can meet the iron requirements of both the mother and the foetus. The rich iron content would make the mother and the baby healthy.

5. Clearing Toxins: As stated earlier, jeera is rich in vitamins that are good anti-oxidants. They are helpful in clearing out toxins from the body. This in turn promotes regular functioning of various internal organs. The liver and stomach would benefit from jeera water, as well. It facilitates in production of bile, which rids the body of abdominal gas, acidity and other intestinal problems.

6. For respiratory Problems: Jeera is anti-congestive by nature. This helps to dilute the mucous that is accumulated in the chest and helps to discharge the same. The anti-septic properties of jeera prevent cold, cough and other respiratory problems.

7. Benefits for the Skin: Since jeera promotes excellent functioning of the internal system, the effect is also seen on the outside, ie the skin. Since toxins are removed, the body absorbs all nutrients making the skin healthy and nourished. The vitamins present in jeera also act as anti-ageing agents. Applying jeera water to the skin can clear acne. Jeera water also acts as a skin soother.

8. Benefits for the Hair: Jeera is rich in various nutrients. On regular consumption, the nutrients would help nourish the hair from its roots. Since roots become healthier, the hair grows longer and becomes healthier. It also gives lustre to the hair.

9. For the Brain: Jeera is also said to enhance the brainpower. If consumed from a younger age, it can sharpen your memory and intelligence. Regular intake is also said to reduce insomnia. Jeera water promotes sound sleep. Drinking a glass of jeera water every day on empty stomach can give more benefits, as the ones stated above are just a few.

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Léa Nature Ground Cumin (Jeera) 30g

Léa Nature Ground Cumin (Jeera) 30g


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