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These organic lime blossoms are very powerful, and useful,  medicinal flowers. Limetree blossoms have been used throughout the ages to soothe a number of ailments and medical conditions.

It has a natural calming effect when consumed in a tea form. Infants who are overwrought and upset can usually be soothed by placing them in a bath with a strong infusion of lime blossom. Because of its calming effect on the nervous and circulatory system, lime blossom is also used to treat high blood pressures, especially those brought on by stress.

Since it is a diuretic when taken as a cool infusion, lime blossom can help ailments that affect the urinary tract.

A hot lime blossom tea can be drank to lower fevers in children and adults.  The properties in the flower increase blood flow to the skin and induces sweating, which, in turn, lowers the body temperature. Cold and flu symptoms can be reduced greatly by drinking lime blossom tea. It is an antioxidant and pushes toxins out of the body. Nasal congestion and coughs can also be treated with the tea.

Mucilage in the lime blossom has a soothing quality when it comes in contact with the membranes of the digestive system, and is used to treat some stomach problems, such as nausea, indigestion, and diarrhea.

Stress related headaches and some migraines can be treated with lime blossom.

When preparing lime blossom tea, it is important to remember to cover it while it steeps. Some important volatile oils that give the tea its soothing effect can escape in the steam

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JardinBio Limetree Blossoms 25g

JardinBio Limetree Blossoms 25g


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