Grünspecht Cherry Pit Pillow 19 x 19 cm


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Everyday life with a baby or toddler can be quite stressful and especially parents are not spared from all the little aches and pains. The large cherry pit pillow by Grünspecht is perfect for treating your child and yourself with both thermotherapy and cryotherapy.

This pillow made of cotton has a size of 22 x 24 cm and is filled with cherry pits that retain both heat and cold and give them off in small doses. This way aches and pains are soothed and relaxation is supported. After warming it in the oven or microwave the pillow soothes muscle tension or stiffness, backache or menstrual cramps. After cooling it in the freezer the pillow is suitable to help soothe headaches, bruises, insect stings etc.

Grünspecht’s cherry pit pillow is made in sheltered workshops for disabled adults in Germany.


  • Warming pillow filled with cherry pits
  • Gives off natural heat
  • Can be used warm or cool
  • Fabric: 100% cotton
  • For warming in the oven: 110°C max., 5 minutes
  • For warming in the microwave: 300 W max., 2 minutes
  • Medical device (Please observe signature/ safety instructions!)
  • Made in Germany
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Grünspecht Cherry Pit Pillow 19 x 19 cm


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