Disana Marine Boiled Wool Mittens 2-4 y/o


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These cozy wool mittens are a must whenever you go out for a walk, a sled ride, or for playing in the snow. The unique features of natural wool allow your child’s hands to stay warm and dry. The high lanolin content of Disana’s wool envelops every fiber, making them truly water resistant. These boiled wool mittens come with a string that attaches them together and features soft knitted wool around the wrists to keep them in place.

These mittens are very unique because they are made from disana’s boiled wool, which is a very special natural fabric. Boiled wool is soft and light, so it is very comfortable for babies to wear. Boiled wool also protects against cold, is almost entirely windproof, and balances hot and cold temperatures. When wool is boiled, thousands of tiny air bubbles are trapped in by the material, forming an entirely natural barrier against hot and cold temperatures. The result is a fabric that keeps your baby snug and dry while letting your baby’s skin breathe.

These mittens are 100% organic boiled virgin Merino wool. This wool is finely crimped, does not itch and feels soft and cozy against baby’s sensitive skin.

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Disana Marine Boiled Wool Mittens 2-4 y/o


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