CandyFence Lollipop with vitamins 6g


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A single hard-boiled flat lollipop in assorted natural fruit flavours.

Lollipops for children to strengthen the immune system with red hat, zinc, vitamin C, vitamins B6 and B12. Different flavors: cherry, mandarin, lemon.

Vegan. Gluten free. It is not an eco-product

Made from 100% natural ingredients and flavoured with fruit juice concentrates, These Flat Lollipops are the perfect way for kids and adults alike to enjoy their favourite hard-boiled lollies without added nasties!

Dairy free, gluten free, soy free, nut free, non-GMO, vegan.

1 candy: Vitamin C 48% NRV, Vitamin B6 48% NRV, Vitamin B12 48% NRV, Zinc 48% NRV

Nutritional value 100g: energy 1677 kJ / 395kcal, carbohydrates 97.5g, of which sugar 74.5, vitamin C 640mg / 800% NRV, B 6 vit. 11.2 mg / 800% NRV, B12 vit. 20μg / 800% NRV, zinc 80mg / 800% NRV.

Wholesale: 1 box=200 lollipops

Unit price: 37.69 EUR/kg

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CandyFence Lollipop with vitamins 6g


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