Bulgarska Chamomille Water 250ml


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The Chamomile water is steam distilled from fresh blossoms of Bulgarian Matricaria chamomilla during the months of May and June of each year. It is a completely natural product for skin and hair application. The natural Chamomile water ensures natural protection and care for sensitive skin. Prevents against moisture loss, relieves the irritation and calms after sunburn. Freshens and nourishes the hair. Use as compresses for red and tired eyes; for freshening the complexion; for rinsing of fair hair.

Apply with a cotton swab to clean the face. Massage with soaked swab on the roots of washed hair.

Ingredients: aqua, alcohol, Matricaria chamomilla
Does not contain preservatives, artificial coloring and fragrance.

Made in Bulgaria by company Bulgarian Rose

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Bulgarska Chamomille Water 250ml


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