Biovie Household Stain Removing Whitener 350g


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Removes stains from surfaces and laundry

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This whitener contains sodium carbonate peroxide of mineral origin, which is an excellent stain remover used alone on surfaces or in addition to the laundry. On contact with water it releases active oxygen to naturally preserve all the white linen and restore radiance to textile white graying or yellowing over time. The whitener does not contain optical brighteners, perfumes or chlorine agents.

BioVie whitener is very effective on all types of stains: tea, coffee, red wine, tomato sauce, chocolate, etc.

  • To remove stains when handwashing laundry, use 2 tablespoons of bleach in 5L warm water. Leave on for 1 hour maximum for colorfast fabrics and 5h for white fabrics. Rinse carefully.
  • For machine wash put 1 to 2 tablespoon(s) of bleach in the drum of the washing machine in addition to your usual detergent. To ensure efficiency, the temperature should be minimum 40° C.
  • Non-toxic to the environment, its stain remover and cleansing action is ideal for machine washing both natural and ecological.
  • For clean and shiny dishes soak the dishes in a mixture of warm water and whitener (about 2 tablespoons per L of water). Rinse and dry.
  • For dirty stains, pour a layer of whitener stain on the bottom of your burned pots and pans with boiling water. Leave on overnight and then clean normally.
  • To make a stain remover spray: Dissolve 2 tablespoons of the product in 200ml of warm water. Place the solution in a spray bottle to clean sinks, refrigerators, countertops and the fabrics (carpets, rugs) that cannot be cleaned in the washing machine. Do not keep the spray beyond 24 hours. Pour remaining mixture into the sink after use to maintain pipe.

Ingredients: Percarbonate (Sodium percarbonate 2Na2CO3•3H2O2, sodium carbonate), also contains: Sodium citrate.

WARNING:Keep out of reach of children!
Avoid breathing dust.
In contact with eyes rinse immediately with lots of clean water.

Protect from moisture.


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Biovie Household Stain Removing Whitener 350g


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