RAAB Birch Sugar (Xylitol) 300g


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Table-top sweeteners based on xylitol for use in foodstuffs. Sweetness and taste 1:1 to sugar. Birch sugar is suitable in beverages, for baking (except yeast dough), cooking and sweetening.

Birch sugar (xylitol) is a sugar substitute, which is comparable in appearance, taste and sweetness with ordinary table sugar. It owes its name to its discovery in the nutrient-rich fibers of birch bark. It is now made ​​from non-GM sweetcorn. Birch sugar has about 40% fewer calories. Birch sugar has a low glycemic index of 7 (table sugar 70).

Birch sugar is particularly tooth friendly. It can not be metabolised by the bacteria of the oral flora, in contrast to sugar. Birch sugar is naturally found in many fruits, berries and vegetables. In addition, it is produced in small amounts in the metabolism of glucose.

Nutritional information per 100 g:
Energy: 1004 kJ / 240 kcal
Fat: 0 g
– of which saturated fatty acids: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 100 g
– of which sugars: 0 g
– of which polyols: 100 g
Protein: 0 g
Salt: 0 g

Note: may produce laxative effects if consumed excessively.

Keep in a cool, dry place and tightly closed.
Fill level may vary due to technical reasons

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RAAB Birch Sugar (Xylitol) 300g

RAAB Birch Sugar (Xylitol) 300g