Ökonorm 5 Egg Colours

///Ökonorm 5 Egg Colours

Ökonorm 5 Egg Colours


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5 natural colors: red, yellow, green, orange and pink for boiling and dyeing around 5-7 eggs at a time. The dye mix is ​​intended for one dye run only, repeated use will lessen the color intensity.

Natural dyes react differently with every egg, one and the same dye run will therefore result in different shades.

Use: Add 750 ml of cold water tp a small stainless steel saucepan (enamelled pots are stained) – without vinegar – fill and stir in the dyes. Add 5-7 eggs carefully in the water. The water should cover the eggs completely and about 1 cm are over it. Bring the water to a boil. During heating, stir the powder paint in the water gently until the color is distributed. Cook the eggs for 7-10 minutes. Deter the eggs with cold water after dyeing.

The natural colors react to each egg differently, meaning that each egg will be of different colour. The colour “matures” after cooling. On brown eggs the color is more intense than on white eggs.


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