Disana Reusable Breast Pads silk/wool/silk


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Wool absorbs excess breast milk into its inner fibres ensuring that the skin remains dry between feeds. Untreated raw silk cools and soothes the irritation from breast feeding. The high content of silks anti-inflammatory properties offer natural healing of any redness. This type of nursing pads can be used with both sides on the skin.

This product is mainly for relieving the inflammation and irritation. If the milk production is higher, these breast pads may be too weak. In that case we recommend using both disposable nursing pads and Disana reusable breast pads (reusable pad against the skin).

Ø = 11 cm

NB! This product is a set of two breast pads.

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Disana Reusable Breast Pads silk/wool/silk

Disana Reusable Breast Pads silk/wool/silk


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