Ruskovilla Millet Husk Pillow for Babies 25x35cm


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Cover material 100 % organic cotton, zipper at the side. Filling: millet husks from certified organic farms.

Pillows are available in three sizes:
For babies 25 x 35 cm, approx, 250 g of husks
For children 35 x 45 cm, approx. 750 g of husks
For adults 45 x 55 cm, approx. 1,5 kg of husks

The filling of millet husk pillows consists, according to its name, of millet husks or the inedible shells of grain. Small bowl-shaped husks form a porous filling that forms itself according to even the smallest movements.

Supports the head properly
Many of us suffer from pain and tension in the neck due to stress or incorrect working position. If the muscle groups of the neck get enough rest and support during the night, they recover and withstand strain much better. An overly soft pillow does not support your neck enough and requires the muscles to work during the night for supporting your head. Instead, the millet husk pillow lets the neck and the head to shape the pillow into a suitable form that alleviates discomfort.

Other good qualities of the millet husk pillow are coolness and breathability. Air circulates inside it and keeps you comfortable all night. This is good news especially to people who tend to sweat much.

An ergonomic and ecological choice
A pillow filled with millet husks always forms the most suitable shape to individually support the sleeper. It is possible to add or reduce the amount of filling husks as desired. It is very easy to take care of and lasts for a long time: the cover is machinewashable, the filling should be changed approximately every five years, and the old husks should be put into the biological waste centre. You can acquire new husks from Ruskovilla.

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