Reial Organic Bitter Apricot kernel oil, 50ml


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Wild bitter apricot oil is an excellent softener and moisturizer for all skin types, face, hands and hair, suitable also for baby tender skin.

Well known therapeutic body massage oil, recommended for prematurely aged, sensitive, inflamed or dry skin. Also, relief for joint pains and body aches when applied at night.

Cold-pressed from selected bitter apricot kernels using the traditional “Ghani”. This pure apricot kernel oil is from a high mountain area in India. Produced by non-profit society owned and operated by Kullu-district women.

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Products that we offer are pure and natural, free from animal testing and without preservatives or synthetic ingredients. They are meant for people who are aware, who take care themselves and who love nature. It’s for you if you are searching for healing effect, not just beauty product.

My biggest wish is that people would eradicate the problem on the root level rather than only get short-term relief of the symptoms.

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Reial Organic Bitter Apricot kernel oil, 50ml


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