Disana Merino Wool Sleeping Bag (Natural White) – 0-1,5 yrs


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Disana’s 100% Organic Merino Wool Sleeping bag is perfect for Newborns and Infants that need that warm, soft, and comforting feeling of closeness and safety. The time before birth means they connect this feeling with the protective snugness of their mother’s womb.

Our disana knitted sleeping bag gives them this feeling of closeness and safety, making it the perfect bedtime accessory for babies and tiny tots. The high, stretchy knitted waistband gently embraces the child without pinching, while the wide leg bag leaves space for baby to wriggle about. Two wide knitted straps keep everything in place. The sleeping bag design keeps baby well wrapped up and warm even when she has trouble sleeping.

It is also perfect to swaddle up your baby snugly. The clever thing about our sleeping bag, however, is definitely the indescribably soft pure merino wool: our disana knitted sleeping bag shows off its natural softness and warmth especially well.

Care instructions for wool
Wool is similar in its consistency to human hair. Therefore, as with hairwashing, only the mildest detergent should be used. Wool absorbs little dirt. The scales on the surface of the fibres effectively repel dirt.

Woollen clothing therefore seldom needs to be washed and usually a thorough airing will suffice. When washing is necessary, natural wool should be handwashed at a maximum temperature of 30°C. Wool is extremely sensitive to soap and soap suds. In washing wool therefore, always use a special wool detergent e.g. our Disana wool shampoo.

To avoid felting, wool should never be soaked, rubbed, wrung out or brushed. Simply squeeze gently by hand and hang to dry. Wool should never be dried on a heater or tumble dried.

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Disana Merino Wool Sleeping Bag (Natural White)

Disana Merino Wool Sleeping Bag (Natural White) - 0-1,5 yrs


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