Centifolia Rhassoul Clay 250g


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100% pure Rhassoul or “cleansing earth” is saponaceous clay for face, body & hair.

Rhassoul can be used instead of shampoo or to cleanse the body. Combine Rhassoul with water or floral water until you have a thick paste. This clay can also be added to dry or liquid mixtures. Metal utensils should not be used with clays; prefer wood or glass.

Rhassoul, also called “cleansing earth”, is a saponaceous (containing soap) clay that can be used instead of your shampoo to coat and strengthen the hair fibre. Absorbent and purifying, rhassoul can be used to replace traditional shampoo or as a dry shampoo since it absorbs sebum from the scalp. This powder can also be used as an ultra-gentle cleanser for the body.

This powder is pure and contains no additives.

Sachet with zip fastening to better preserve the powder. Packaging guaranteed to contain no phthalates or bisphenol A. Product not tested on animals.

Ingredient: Moroccan Lava Clay.

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Centifolia Rhassoul Clay 250g

Centifolia Rhassoul Clay 250g


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